Grease filters

EN ISO 16890
Frames: Aluminium
Operating temperature: max 200°C
The final pressure loss: 200 Pa


The aluminium mesh is inserted to the aluminium profile in several layers.

Input and output side of the filter is protected by aluminium expanded metal. At higher depths of the filter, the carrier core is inserted into the center of the filter.

The dimensions and depth of the filter specifies the customer. The depth of the filter is produced in the range from 8 mm to 150 mm.

For perfect function, it is necessary to keep the grease filters clean. When the filters are clogged, they need to be washed in hot water with the contents of active detergents or a solution of bicarbonate of soda.

If there is irreversible damage to the filters, we liquidate the filters in the collection of metal waste.


We produce the grease filters in the aluminium design and they are intended mainly for the detection of fatty particles in the food industry. However, the filters installed in industrial plants--steel mills, welding metal plants, in areas with excessive amounts of oil aerosol. The filters also capture a stream of sparks when grinding and cutting of metal materials.

Filtration classes

  • G2; ISO Coarse 40%
  • G3; ISO Coarse 50%


Sizes in mm m3/h Pa m2
287x592x25 1620 28 0,17
400x400x25 1520 28 0,16
400x500x25 1900 28 0,20
400x625x25 2350 28 0,25
500x500x25 2350 28 0,25
500x625x25 2950 28 0,32
592x592x25 3350 28 0,35
287x592x48 1620 48 0,17
400x400x48 1520 48 0,16
400x500x48 1900 48 0,20
400x625x48 2350 48 0,25
500x500x48 2350 48 0,25
500x625x48 2950 48 0,32
592x592x48 3350 48 0,35
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