Mounting frames

We supply the mounting frames of zinc-coated and stainless steel material. The frames have a storage area of PU foam and a sanitary seal. Frames can be used to to connect to each other and it is possible to build the filter walls.

The use of the frame is for a new installation, as well as for the reconstruction of the air conditioning systems of any size. Mounting frames are used to quickly fit the pocket filters, compact filters and surface filters with circumferential frame of sizes 20-25 mm and 48-50 mm.

Example frame



Frame dimensions (w x l x h) in mm Filter dimensions (w x l x h) in m
305x610x75 287x592x25/48
508x610x75 490x592x25/48
610x610x75 592x592x25/48
305x305x75 287x287x25/48
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