Panel filter

ISO 16890
(before EN 779:2012)
Frames: plast, paper, metal
Operating temperature: max. 70°C
The final pressure loss: 400 Pa


Filtration medium of polypropylene is made up of thick folds (minipleat) and joined by separation using hot melt glue. Such pleat is inserted into the strength frame made of plastic, paper, or tempered zinc sheet metal. The sealing of the media is provided by dual-or the hot melt glue. The height of the frame is in standard of 25, 48 and 96 mm. On customer´s desire it is possible to produce panel filters with non-standard height frame. The label on the frame of the filter shall inform about the size of filter, the class of filtration and the direction of the air flow.

When you reach the recommended final pressure drop of 400 Pa, the entire filter is replaced by a clean one. During the operation, the filter is in a zero-maintenance operation.

Filters are liquid in incinerators or regulated waste landfills.


Panel filters are used as filters for the filtration of the second phase - M5, F7, F9. In conditions that require high strength of the filter at high speeds of filtered air. They are mainly used in smart energy management systems-HVAC.

Filtration class

  • M5
  • F7
  • F9
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